Funded Projects Sustainable communities lab for people’s multifaceted well-being
We should have the right to shape the city that shapes us. The built environment affects people’s senses of place and well-being. Building neighbourhoods with natural features through collaborative placemaking boost people’s sense of belonging and multifaceted well-being – quintessential qualities for sustainable cities and communities.
Funded Projects “Our Everyday. Our Borders.” A Study of Universal Accessibility in Our Built Environment in Hong Kong
Time for a stroll! Led by architects and urban planners, the elderly are discovering the city environment while airing their views on urban designs, paving the way for a walkable Hong Kong.
Stories Ageing is their problem, not mine. Really?
You can compare life to a mountain. After you’re born, you move uphill. When you’re around 30 years of age, you reach the peak. After that, you head downhill. Your brain function declines and your physical strength deteriorates.