Social innovation
Stories “Cultural differences stand for fun!” Innovation 101 with social entrepreneurship pundit Dr Elsie Tsui
With copious experiences diagnosing enterprises at her past jobs, Elsie is well-versed with many brand stories, especially those in her beloved fashion industry. Intriguingly, what got her talking today turn out to be two other buzzwords with which she has become fascinated for over the past ten years – innovation and social impact.
Stories Dr Tong Shiu Sing learns to advocate STEM education from the legendary prankster
Senior Lecturer at CUHK’s Department of Physics, Dr Tong’s known for making public appearances at events, giving school talks, and sitting on judging panels of innovation and technology competitions of all sizes, “ranging from primary, secondary schools, to University level!” Catching sight of the drawbacks of local STEM education, he strives to shake up our “instant” culture”.
Stories From “War on Rape” to “Farm to Table”: Prof Fanny Cheung’s 40 years of driving social change
Prof Fanny Cheung barely took her seat when she started “protesting”; apparently too many interviewers were fixated merely on her early community work in women’s development. A trace of a smile on her lips, the petite professor slowly unravelled to us tales of her “extra-curricular activities”.
Stories SoCUBE, a history: How Perkins Ho lends a hand to scholar-innovators
“CUHK has so much to offer, especially when it comes to social innovation. Different departments made valuable contributions, but the outside world seldom hears about it.” Perkins Ho recalled how he put forward the idea of SoCUBE two years back, that the accumulated know-how from CUHK may propagate in the community, inspiring more businesses and industries to do good.