Funded Projects Reaching out to the unreached community: Delivering mental health outside the box through whole-of-community campaigns
One booklet and one heartfelt conversation at a time, the team reconnects people with their mental well-being, and with one another.
Funded Projects Smartphone-based Culturally Adapted Lifestyle Medicine for Improving Mental Health
Lifestyle changes could mean a significant improvement to our mental health. The team is developing a self-help app with tips and elements of Chinese Medicine.
Funded Projects Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Psychoeducation Programme for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong
Seldom are we aware of the asylum seekers and refugees living among us, much less their psychological needs. The team is empowering these individuals via a self-help programme.
Funded Projects Improving Access to Psychological Interventions: Developing and Disseminating an E-Mental Health Portal in Hong Kong
The importance of mental health is getting more and more attention among the general public; while many recognise their emotional problems, only a disproportionate fraction actually receives professional help.