Psychological distress
Stories En voyage to mental wellness: Prof Fiona Ho and students champion low-barrier services
In stark contrast to the stereotypical professor-student combo, Fiona easily blends in with her students – be it style or speech. The zestful professor even appears more like a student than the other two, often unveiling her witty side and leaving everyone roaring in laughter.
Stories A case of cultural difference: Developing the Chinese “personality test”
While Prof Fanny Cheung had a lot to share regarding her 40 years of “extra-curricular activities”, her “day job” is equally eventful and potentially a good business – clinical-grade personality assessment is her research expertise.
Stories Prof Chung Man Cheung’s “life-changing experience”: Delving into refugee trauma near the battlefield
Man, currently Professor of Educational Psychology at CUHK, has taught in the UK for a dozen years. His encounter with an Iraqi student opened up a whole new academic universe. With a swelling interest in the Islamic world, Man ran off to the UAE. The five-year stay turned out to be a "life-changing experience".
Stories Gardening and “Kung fu fighting” with patients, for research
Turned out Man did not start off with research on Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) right away. “My first PhD focused on Schizophrenia (精神分裂症).” He recounted his journey from studying in Canada and the UK, to securing a teaching position in the UK, then inspired by his Iraqi student and ran off to the UAE.
Stories Eliminating stigma with a human touch: A story of Prof Winnie Mak’s StoryTaler
In 2015, Prof Winnie Mak (Department of Psychology) set up StoryTaler with her then-student Amanda Li, who is now a clinical psychologist. The platform advocates anti-discrimination and mental health awareness through storytelling, which has captured immense attention on social media with its refreshing illustrations and down-to-earth messages.
Funded Projects Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Psychoeducation Programme for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong
Seldom are we aware of the asylum seekers and refugees living among us, much less their psychological needs. The team is empowering these individuals via a self-help programme.
Funded Projects Improving Access to Psychological Interventions: Developing and Disseminating an E-Mental Health Portal in Hong Kong
The importance of mental health is getting more and more attention among the general public; while many recognise their emotional problems, only a disproportionate fraction actually receives professional help.
Funded Projects StoryTaler Hong Kong Co Limited
We are given two ears but only one mouth for a reason. Listening is a forgotten art that underpins healthy communication and relationships. StoryTaler wants to tell a story about mental health, anyone cares to listen?