Funded Projects Hip protectors to prevent hip fracture of older adults in hospitals and nursing homes
Hip fracture is a severe consequence of falls among older adults. The team’s hip protector and education programme seek to prevent hip fractures in high-risk environments – nursing homes and geriatric care.
Funded Projects Broad Antimicrobial-resistance Service-learning & Intervention in the Community (BASIC)
The improper use and disposal of antimicrobial medicines could lead to a public health disaster. A student outreach team spread the message to the community via health check and drug collection services.
Funded Projects Young Onset Diabetes Care Community Campaign
This silent killer is increasingly striking the younger generation, which causes severer complications. The team is calling the public's attention towards the disease with community activities.
Funded Projects Evidence-based Knowledge Transfer Program — Promoting HPV Vaccination among Men in Hong Kong Who Have Sex with Men
The evidence-based service comes with the test kit, real-time instructions and counselling. And for NGOs – worry not, the service model is self-sustainable.