Stories A monthly dose of art: Prof Winton Au advocates performing arts via social entrepreneurship
A Hongkonger born and bred, Winton went to the USA in 1989 for his undergraduate studies. He joined CUHK in 1997 after obtaining a PhD in Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “happened to be these two particular years.” He isn’t lecturing us on psychology today though – we are intrigued by his peculiar choice of “extra-curricular activities”. This obviously includes One Month One Art (1M1A), the social enterprise he founded with Ribble Chung (theatre veteran/Arts Administrator at CUHK).
Funded Projects A Concept Musical Drama on End-of-life Care and Death Attitudes in Hong Kong
Let's talk about our inevitable end – that sounded awkward. What about discussing the topic of life and death over a musical drama?