Funded Projects Personalised child story channel
With the latest artificial intelligence technology, personalised audio stories are automatically synthesised to bring an entirely new experience of storytelling to children and parents.
Funded Projects Decoding the concealed emotions of children with special educational needs
Children with special educational needs often struggle with communicating their feelings and are sometimes misunderstood. Utilising wearable sensors, the team helps these children get their feelings heard by decoding their responses related to different emotions.
Stories Rewriting the rules of language learning: Guatemalan professor’s chart-topping app Duolingo
Up for learning a new language? Both of our Issue 7 scholar-social innovators would love you to give that a shot!
Stories A change of course from academia to business: Coursera co-founder and AI master Andrew Ng
At the age of 43, Andrew Ng easily outshines his peers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Born to a Hongkongese family in the UK, the Chinese-American scientist co-founded and led Google’s AI team Google Brain. He later joined Baidu as Chief Scientist, before leaving in 2017 and launching his own start-up Landing AI.
Funded Projects Using Virtual Reality (VR) Technology to Enhance Students’ Understanding of Colonial Architecture in Hong Kong
When textbook learning is mundane, and field trips are impractical, here comes a whole new way of exploring colonial architecture and local history.
Funded Projects STEM Education in Physics for Secondary Schools
STEM goes beyond software programming and assembling robots. With a carefully designed programme, the team makes basic scientific principles fun and down-to-earth.
Funded Projects Realising Children’s Potential in Language Development: Input and Intervention
Underprivileged kids are often "losing at the starting line" in terms of language development. The team is giving them a leg up in their golden period with a game-based learning programme.
Funded Projects Cayan Educational Design Limited
Language learning in early childhood is a daunting yet exciting task for educators. Cayan has developed a card game to spark the creativity side of things in children's bilingual development.