Stories Rewriting the rules of language learning: Guatemalan professor’s chart-topping app Duolingo
Up for learning a new language? Both of our Issue 7 scholar-social innovators would love you to give that a shot!
Funded Projects Telling Stories: A Digital Humanities Approach to Documenting Linguistic Diversity in Hong Kong
The team is on a mission to record and promote Hong Kong's linguistic profile – including indigenous and minority languages, and different varieties of Chinese and English – lest any of it eventually disappear, along with its associated culture.
Funded Projects Realising Children’s Potential in Language Development: Input and Intervention
Underprivileged kids are often "losing at the starting line" in terms of language development. The team is giving them a leg up in their golden period with a game-based learning programme.
Funded Projects Cayan Educational Design Limited
Language learning in early childhood is a daunting yet exciting task for educators. Cayan has developed a card game to spark the creativity side of things in children's bilingual development.