Stories Stamping out prejudice with linguistic research: Prof Gladys Tang’s sign bilingual academy
"Oftentimes in life, simply making a choice is not as straightforward as it seems." Referring to the indecision plaguing the eponymous hero of her favourite play, Hamlet, she likens his struggles to the confusion met by many deaf individuals including their parents. To communicate or not to communicate with sign language, that is the question.
Funded Projects Early Identification of Hearing Loss in Ageing Community through Hearing Screening App
Hearing impairment poses a considerable communication barrier as we age. Take action and get your hearing status checked early on with the team’s validated app.
Funded Projects Born to See: Living the Life of a Deaf Person
Instead of "hearing loss", why not call it "deaf gain"? Come explore how can we all learn from deaf individuals and sign language via the team's CSR programme.
Funded Projects SLCO Community Resources Limited
What comes to mind when you see someone using sign language? By promoting sign bilingualism, SLCO is breaking barriers between deaf and hearing individuals for a more inclusive society.
Stories Raising Sign Bilingual Children
Prof. Gladys Tang of CUHK’s Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages rolled out the Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment in Deaf Education Programme (SLCO Programme), that such myth began to fall apart.