Health care
Stories 【Cubic Zine Issue 25】From Sports Science to Social Entrepreneurship : Raymond Sum Advocates Positive Life with Physical Literacy
In the Netflix super-hot Korean reality show "Physical: 100 People", 100 contestants with muscular men and women, competed in various physical challenges, which sparked global interest. Their spirit of dedication to the end is convincing. At CUHK, there is a "muscle exercise professor" who not only adheres to the mission of fitness and teaching, but also develops a social enterprise with missions. From a professor to a social enterprise CEO, he fully demonstrates that a sportsman is not only "powerful", but also "brainy". He is our cover character, professor Raymond Sum, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Associate Professor of Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, CUHK. This issue: #SportScience #Gym #PhysicalFitnessTest #AdolescentHealth #Training #Physical Literacy
Stories 【Cubic Zine Issue 23】“Stay Motivated!”Pioneer of medicinal herb DNA authentication Pang Chui Shaw shares insights in teaching, research and entrepreneurship
It’s hard to distinguish a shamrock from a clover. Consumers often have the same trouble telling good herbal products from bad ones. According to Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor), an ancient doctrinal Chinese medical group of texts, Chinese medicinal formulas can be categorised into soup, powder, pill, ointment and elixir. In view of the vast array of herbal products in the market today, how can we tell which is authentic? What does blockchain have to do with Chinese medicinal materials? In this Cubic Zine issue, Prof Shaw Pang Chui of the School of Life Sciences, who pioneered the use of molecular authentication of herbal products in 1990s, shares with us how he traces DNA of herbal materials even in boiling soup. Let’s hear his story. In this issue: #TMC #DNAauthentication #Blockchain #traceability #HKGenuineProducts #JoyNTearOfEducation
Funded Projects Hip protectors to prevent hip fracture of older adults in hospitals and nursing homes
Hip fracture is a severe consequence of falls among older adults. The team’s hip protector and education programme seek to prevent hip fractures in high-risk environments – nursing homes and geriatric care.
Funded Projects “Strong Shoulders for Elderly” Campaign
Through a shoulder exercise program developed by professionals, the team raises public awareness of shoulder health by providing quality and convenient community-based shoulder exercise program to aid the management of shoulder problems for older adults in Hong Kong.
Stories Harvard infectious disease expert Paul Farmer: An anthropological approach to medical advancement in the third world
Paul Farmer, who owns a Harvard MD and PhD in Anthropology, spent most of his life either at the prestigious institution, or Haiti. During his school days, he volunteered in Haiti, deeply shaken at the sight of extreme poverty. In 1987, Paul founded Partners In Health (PIH) with his friends, pioneering a community-based strategy to healthcare in the impoverished regions, bringing a cure to the AIDS-stricken Haitians.
Funded Projects Early Identification of Hearing Loss in Ageing Community through Hearing Screening App
Hearing impairment poses a considerable communication barrier as we age. Take action and get your hearing status checked early on with the team’s validated app.
Funded Projects Prevention of Imminent Fragility Fractures: A Call to Action in Hong Kong
The team is running a clinic dedicated to saving patients from breaking their bones a second time, which is highly probable and extremely costly in consequence.
Funded Projects Implementing a Chargeable Full Cost-Recovery HIV Self-Testing Service Model in Hong Kong for Men Who Have Sex with Men
While promotion of HPV vaccination is heavily geared towards women, men are likewise susceptible to the virus. The team motivates MSM to take up the vaccine with in-person engagement.
Funded Projects AI Based Colour Blindness Correction App
Widely adaptable on glasses and digital displays, the team's invention promises a chance for people with colour blindness to see a colourful world.
Funded Projects Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation of Real‐World Activities to Identify Glaucoma Patients with Visual Disability for Visual Rehabilitation and Patient Education
The age of VR eye check has dawned. Proven to provide a more comprehensive evaluation than clinical tests, the team's technology is being offered to glaucoma patients for screening and monitoring.