Stories Eliminating stigma with a human touch: A story of Prof Winnie Mak’s StoryTaler
In 2015, Prof Winnie Mak (Department of Psychology) set up StoryTaler with her then-student Amanda Li, who is now a clinical psychologist. The platform advocates anti-discrimination and mental health awareness through storytelling, which has captured immense attention on social media with its refreshing illustrations and down-to-earth messages.
Funded Projects A Concept Musical Drama on End-of-life Care and Death Attitudes in Hong Kong
Let's talk about our inevitable end – that sounded awkward. What about discussing the topic of life and death over a musical drama?
Funded Projects Promotion of a Strength-based Approach in Understanding and Helping Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)
Do you associate ADHD children with a particular image? Chances are, it's a myth! The team is condensing its research insights into animation videos to help more families in need, while calling for a strength-based perspective towards these kids.
Funded Projects “Our Everyday. Our Borders.” A Study of Universal Accessibility in Our Built Environment in Hong Kong
Time for a stroll! Led by architects and urban planners, the elderly are discovering the city environment while airing their views on urban designs, paving the way for a walkable Hong Kong.
Funded Projects Intercultural Education in the Neighbourhood: Sustainable Community Innovation and Women’s Empowerment from the Ground up
A lack of interaction creates misunderstanding, as with Chinese Hongkongers and local ethnic minorities. The team brings together the two in intercultural activities, empowering women of minority communities in particular.
Funded Projects Train the Trainers: Minority girls and Gender Justice
Gender equality seems not as big an issue in Hong Kong, but not so for the Muslim community. The team is empowering Muslim girls to speak about gender issues and women’s rights in a safe space.
Funded Projects StoryTaler Hong Kong Co Limited
We are given two ears but only one mouth for a reason. Listening is a forgotten art that underpins healthy communication and relationships. StoryTaler wants to tell a story about mental health, anyone cares to listen?