Stories 【Cubic Zine Issue 24】Bridging Business World and Social Enterprise Simon Ngai Dives into the Blue Ocean to Bring Life Changing Services for Grassroots
Daylight dwindles as the year comes to a close. Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity. Simon Ngai, alumnus of Chung Chi College of CUHK, is a businessman who sees and seizes business opportunities and chairperson of GloryReturn. He shares in this issue how businesspersons may help to steer change in the society and enrich lives with social enterprises, and how to draw life to a perfect close by funeral service with a social goal. In this issue: #FSES #SocialEnterprise #ChristianFuneralService #ServiceForTheGrassroot #Life&DeathEducation #BusinessSocialCollaboration