Asylum seekers
Stories Prof Chung Man Cheung’s “life-changing experience”: Delving into refugee trauma near the battlefield
Man, currently Professor of Educational Psychology at CUHK, has taught in the UK for a dozen years. His encounter with an Iraqi student opened up a whole new academic universe. With a swelling interest in the Islamic world, Man ran off to the UAE. The five-year stay turned out to be a "life-changing experience".
Stories Gardening and “Kung fu fighting” with patients, for research
Turned out Man did not start off with research on Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) right away. “My first PhD focused on Schizophrenia (精神分裂症).” He recounted his journey from studying in Canada and the UK, to securing a teaching position in the UK, then inspired by his Iraqi student and ran off to the UAE.
Funded Projects Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Psychoeducation Programme for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong
Seldom are we aware of the asylum seekers and refugees living among us, much less their psychological needs. The team is empowering these individuals via a self-help programme.