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【Cubic Zine Issue 18】Architecture X Gerontology — Co-create Happy Ageing Lab

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This September sees the return of vigour and verve on CUHK campus. This issue of Cubic Zine brings you vivacious stories from architecture and health of the elderly, to trending technologies. At the same time, ORKTS has for you a series of exciting events and programmes, including the very first Innovation Day, and application openings of various startup funds! This digest is made easy for you to grasp everything in just a school-bus ride. Please leave your comments with us.

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Architecture X Gerontology — Co-create Happy Ageing Lab

“The difference between ‘Building’ and ‘Architecture’ lies in the human touch of the latter,” chuckles Mo Kar Him, Assistant Professor of the School of Architecture, CUHK, as he explicates his “way of architecture”. Before moving on to discuss different levels of architecture, let’s get to know SoA alumni Mo and Rina.

Mo is now teaching at SoA. Rina is an accountant-cum-architect who left a famous Swiss architectural firm in 2018 to join the CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing. Why did the two young executives leap from their professions into research, especially in gerontology?

They had even set up a social enterprise “Happy Ageing Lab” with the funding from CUHK Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (S-KPF). How does architecture affect the health of the elderly? Can we age discerningly? What changes do Mo and Rina want to make?

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【Scholarly keyword】Narrative Design

(Photo Credit:Canva)

Initially trained as an accountant, Rina was madly in love with architecture thanks to an instructor’s compelling storytelling skill. “We had many hands-on experiences with narrative design. We would, for instance, dissect a mobile phone in class to deconstruct the function, meaning, human interaction of each part. Each module could spark great discussions.”

“Architecture is full of metaphors. Symbols and configuration of space can create imageries that are not only functional but also artistic and practical,” Mo continues to explain what “storytelling” designs are.



NFT | Global

(Photo credit:Canva)

Sneaker or toy speculation may not be unfamiliar to you. The hottest speculation today goes to NFT (non-fungible token). Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned his first ever tweet “just setting up my twttr” for US$2.9 million worth of ether cryptocurrency as an NFT—a digital certificate of authenticity this March. The Malaysia based businessman who bought the tweet believed that years later people will realise the true value of this tweet, like the Mona Lisa painting.

As NFT market becomes increasingly exuberant of late, NBA Top Shot has attracted more than a million users and notched more than US$700 million in total sales within just eight months of its launch. A 12-second video clip of LeBron James dunk was sold over US$200,000. Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai is auctioning off a never-before-seen footage of “In the Mood for Love” as an NFT in October.

Bitcoin | El Salvador

This September, El Savador becomes the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin as legal tender despite the cryptocurrency’s roller-coaster like fluctuation in value. 40-year-old President Nayib Bukele, a huge advocate of the digital currency, reckons that Bitcoin will be an effective way to transfer US$6 billion in remittances that Salvadorans living outside the country send back to their homeland each year (equivalent to 23% of El Salvador’s GDP, or the partial income of 70% of the population). This allegedly can save up to US$400 million of transaction fees.

The government of the Central American country holds 550 Bitcoin. The country installed 200 ATMs and a virtual wallet Chivo — Salvadorans will receive US$30 worth of Bitcoin for setting up an account. Notwithstanding critics and scepticism, companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and PizzaHut are accepting Bitcoin to pay for goods. Bukele affirms that this is not a one-step solution, but a big step for the country to enter the first world.



Hobnobbing with Top-notch Scholars

Entrepreneurs are to be on the ball — and not to miss the first CUHK Innovation Day. Plunge into “Innovation, Patents And Beyond” on 23 Sep (Thu) with over 20 exhibitions and 7 thematic sessions on campus that will open your eye on CUHK’s cutting edge scientific research, including satellite technology, green energy, biomedicine, robotics and so on. Representative of NEC will share the demand for scientific research from the industry’s perspective.

The event will be kicked off by opening speeches from Alfred Sit, Secretary for Innovation and Technology and Prof Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK in the morning. Be inspired in the afternoon with a panel discussion on the advantages of launching a university satellite into space. What impacts will it bring to various fields of scientific research?

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Held alongside is the CUHK Entrepreneur Day. Don’t miss this long-anticipated event!

Links: Info Page | Event Rundown


As the semester opens, several entrepreneurial-minded ORTKS colleagues bubble with startup ideas after lunch as we spot pain points everywhere! Do you share our thoughts and not knowing what to do? ORTKS is here to help!

ORKTS offers various startup and social innovation incubation programmes. Whether you are a student, teaching staff or alumnus, there is always something for you. The following programmes are now open for application!

TSSSU Fund|Up to HK$700,000 per year|Deadline: 12 Nov

KPF Scheme|Up to HK$400,000|Deadline: 19 Nov

PI Centre PILOTS Lite|Coworking space, training & funds|Deadline: 11 Oct

More on “Knowledge Transfer” funding programmes



Yet to have any entrepreneurial ideas, but want to build your social connections and be inspired? See you at InnoPort for Happy Hour Entrepreneur Talk every Friday 6-7pm!

24 Sep|CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance X Entrepreneur Masterclass
8 Oct|Do Out Life, Deck Out Life
15 Oct|The Social Entrepreneur Under a Time-Honoured Brand

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