Be Impactful
Funded Projects
"Man proposes, god disposes"
Prof Kelvin Tsoi & Prof Eric Lee
Self-management blood pressure for happier digital life
The team promotes digital self-blood pressure management through educational talks from professionals and trainers to increase public awareness on the importance of regular monitoring.
Prof Kelvin Tsoi & Prof Eric Lee | Faculty of Medicine
“Equip our young people to utilise AI for social good"
Prof Benny Zee & Ms Maria Lai
Youth AI health ambassador training and outreach programme for brain health
The team engages youngsters to promote brain health to the older generation, bringing the benefits of AI technology to the community.
Prof Benny Zee & Ms Maria Lai | Faculty of Medicine
"We empower individuals with autism through science and technology."
Prof Catherine So & Dr Sarah Luk
Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited
A challenging issue calls for a novel solution! STAR serves children with ASDs and their parents through personalised programmes based on social robots, who are determined to help these kids better communicate.
Prof Catherine So & Dr Sarah Luk | Faculty of Education
Prof Lee Tan
Personalised child story channel
With the latest artificial intelligence technology, personalised audio stories are automatically synthesised to bring an entirely new experience of storytelling to children and parents.
Prof Lee Tan | Faculty of Engineering
"VT for Health Improvement"
Prof Stanley Hui & Dr Jacky Chan
Virtual Trainer for improving health and fitness of middle-aged adults
The team promotes physically active lifestyles in middle-aged adults through their web-based "Virtual Trainer" programme with the integration of social media.
Prof Stanley Hui & Dr Jacky Chan | Faculty of Education
Prof Savio Wong
Decoding the concealed emotions of children with special educational needs
Children with special educational needs often struggle with communicating their feelings and are sometimes misunderstood. Utilising wearable sensors, the team helps these children get their feelings heard by decoding their responses related to different emotions.
Prof Savio Wong | Faculty of Education
Prof Wong Tien Tsin
AI Based Colour Blindness Correction App
Widely adaptable on glasses and digital displays, the team's invention promises a chance for people with colour blindness to see a colourful world.
Prof Wong Tien Tsin | Faculty of Engineering
"VR simulations have empowered eye care professionals to better understand from patients’ perspective how visual impairment imparts disability in their daily lives."
Prof Christopher Leung
Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation of Real‐World Activities to Identify Glaucoma Patients with Visual Disability for Visual Rehabilitation and Patient Education
The age of VR eye check has dawned. Proven to provide a more comprehensive evaluation than clinical tests, the team's technology is being offered to glaucoma patients for screening and monitoring.
Prof Christopher Leung | Faculty of Medicine
"Stay energetic, do what you love."
Prof Raymond Tong
3D-printed Soft Robotic Hand for Stroke Rehabilitation and Elderly Healthcare
The heavy metallic robotic arm is a thing of the past. Stroke patients can now rehab at home with custom-made soft hands that enable more hand functions.
Prof Raymond Tong | Faculty of Engineering
Prof Juliana Chan & Prof Andrea Luk
Young Onset Diabetes Care Community Campaign
This silent killer is increasingly striking the younger generation, which causes severer complications. The team is calling the public's attention towards the disease with community activities.
Prof Juliana Chan & Prof Andrea Luk | Faculty of Medicine