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Funded Projects
Prof Fiona Ho
Wellness Travellers Psychological Services Co. Ltd.
Mental health is for everyone. Wellness Travellers provide evidence-based and cost-effective psychological interventions, for everyone.
Prof Fiona Ho | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Felix Sze & Prof Winnie Mak
Enhancing mental health of the Deaf community in Hong Kong
The team compiles an online databank of mental health information and assessment in sign language for the Deaf community in Hong Kong, accompanied by workshops to consolidate their understanding towards well-being.
Prof Felix Sze & Prof Winnie Mak | Faculty of Arts
Prof Savio Wong
Decoding the concealed emotions of children with special educational needs
Children with special educational needs often struggle with communicating their feelings and are sometimes misunderstood. Utilising wearable sensors, the team helps these children get their feelings heard by decoding their responses related to different emotions.
Prof Savio Wong | Faculty of Education
Prof Fiona Ho
Reaching out to the unreached community: Delivering mental health outside the box through whole-of-community campaigns
One booklet and one heartfelt conversation at a time, the team reconnects people with their mental well-being, and with one another.
Prof Fiona Ho | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Fiona Ho
Smartphone-based Culturally Adapted Lifestyle Medicine for Improving Mental Health
Lifestyle changes could mean a significant improvement to our mental health. The team is developing a self-help app with tips and elements of Chinese Medicine.
Prof Fiona Ho | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Fiona Ho
Improving Access to Psychological Interventions: Developing and Disseminating an E-Mental Health Portal in Hong Kong
The importance of mental health is getting more and more attention among the general public; while many recognise their emotional problems, only a disproportionate fraction actually receives professional help.
Prof Fiona Ho | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Winnie Mak
StoryTaler Hong Kong Co Limited
We are given two ears but only one mouth for a reason. Listening is a forgotten art that underpins healthy communication and relationships. StoryTaler wants to tell a story about mental health, anyone cares to listen?
Prof Winnie Mak | Faculty of Social Science