Be Impactful
Funded Projects
Prof Winton Au & Ms Ribble Chung
One Month One Art Limited
Find the arts unfathomable? One Month One Art is here to offer a fresh perspective into art performances via a guided experience. Who knows – you could be the next regular!
Prof Winton Au & Ms Ribble Chung | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Peter Ferretto
Living heritage: Transforming Hong Kong’s abandoned villages into cultural destinations
Local villages in Hong Kong are disappearing – before the regrettable reality comes to be, the Condition_Lab plans to engage people through design, injecting life back into these villages with social architecture.
Prof Peter Ferretto | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Anthony Fung, Prof Johnson Chan & Dr Sally Lo
Visualizing the past, connecting to the present
Known for its picturesque beaches, Shek O has a lot more to offer in terms of cultural and historical resources – all of which would fade away lest proper preservation is done. The team revitalises the community through a tech-based platform with local engagement, connecting Shek O to the wider public.
Prof Anthony Fung, Prof Johnson Chan & Dr Sally Lo | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Jette Hansen Edwards
Telling Stories: A Digital Humanities Approach to Documenting Linguistic Diversity in Hong Kong
The team is on a mission to record and promote Hong Kong's linguistic profile – including indigenous and minority languages, and different varieties of Chinese and English – lest any of it eventually disappear, along with its associated culture.
Prof Jette Hansen Edwards | Faculty of Arts
"Regardless of ethnicity, we are all co-creators of our city's culture. When communities come together with mutual respect and learning, we can make Hong Kong a real international metropolis. Let's go!"
Prof Maria Tam & Prof Raees Begum Baig
Intercultural Education in the Neighbourhood: Sustainable Community Innovation and Women’s Empowerment from the Ground up
A lack of interaction creates misunderstanding, as with Chinese Hongkongers and local ethnic minorities. The team brings together the two in intercultural activities, empowering women of minority communities in particular.
Prof Maria Tam & Prof Raees Begum Baig | Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Science
"Think out of the Earth."
Professor Donna Chu
Mars Media Academy
"Fact checked?" When too much information is flooding our news feed, media literacy becomes indispensable. Mars Media advocates responsible media consumption and creation with its programmes and services.
Professor Donna Chu | Faculty of Social Science