Professor Wong Hung
Good Impact Assessment Institute Limited (GIA)
How do we know if government, NGO and corporate programmes are delivering impact as promised? GIA tailors assessment services and solutions that advocate transparency and accountability.
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Good Impact Assessment Institute Limited (GIA)

The issue

Social enterprises and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are among the many buzzwords in recent years, and many have enthusiastically dip their toes in “doing good deeds”. But simply feeling good is not enough. Companies and institutions are increasingly held accountable for ensuring their targeted impacts are delivered effectively. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as an independent evidence-providing tool not only facilitates reporting to stakeholders the tangible benefits achieved, but also helps to reflect on how their products or services can be improved. Yet the field of SIA is far from well-developed in Hong Kong. There are limited practitioners experienced enough to develop assessment framework for corporates, government bodies and even SMEs that wish to pursue social objectives and promote social change.

The solution

GIA is set up in response to such market demand, offering quality research services including face-to-face surveys, focus group discussions and SIA. They support social enterprises and NGOs, which typically lack expertise to systematically evaluate their impact, with affordable services that encourage their continuous development. Consultancy services are also available for governmental bodies and corporates in programme and policy evaluation.


GIA has been positively acclaimed since its establishment, serving a range of clients from start-ups to public organisations. Some commented that the service inspired new ideas for better plans and programmes. The team is formalising SIA as a common language which builds social capital and trustworthy relations in the working process, and of course, objectively assesses whether resources are properly allocated to produce the impact as promised.


  • Social enterprises and corporates
  • NGOs
  • Governmental bodies

Project Team

Prof Wong Hung
Department of Social Work, Faculty of Social Science
Prof Wong Hung
Department of Social Work, Faculty of Social Science

On top of being an experienced SIA practitioner, Hung has been vocal about poverty and social exclusion issues in Hong Kong. With his expertise in social policy, he has conducted large-scale evaluation studies for governmental units and NGOs, including the Central Policy Unit, Social Welfare Department and Urban Renewal Authority. He oversees YSBC@CUHK and is committed to foster in students a real concern for the society. Hung received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick.

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