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【StoryTaler】Share from home

Let's read and practise how to "become one another's listener"!

We’ve returned to work or continue staying at home. The epidemic lingers, while all the unknowns make us feel trapped or helpless. During such times, we need to learn in particular how to listen to ourselves and each other. If you can work from home, you can also share from home and continue to learn from each other online.

Weekly themes

Preparing to listen – commence listening mode (25 Mar)
Does listening need preparation? It is often said recently that you need to take care of yourself before helping others. The same rings true for listening and companionship – it does take effort and space. In this session, we are kickstarting our listening mode through activities and exercises.

The process of listening – childlike curiosity (1 Apr)
Maybe we have grown into adults with considerable experiences, started to feel there’s no new thing under the sun and lost patience. But when we let go of certain premises and take a closer look, we’ll notice that the uniqueness in every moment. In this session, we will share with each other how curiosity could be regained.

Sowing the seeds of listening – emotional capacity (8 Apr)
We may feel uneasy about certain emotions, and too eager to force-feed “solutions” to others. But when we possess a certain emotional capacity, we can give each other more space to experience different feelings together. In this session, we will discuss how we may live with our emotions.

Reflecting listening – common humanity (15 Apr)
We listen, and we are listened to. We may have similar experiences and feelings towards things and emotions shared by others. In this session, we will meditate on common humanity together.

Before signing up

  • Please prepare a quiet environment, a respectful heart and a stable internet connection
  • To encourage communication, participants need to enable their camera and microphone during the sharing session
  • To respect the speakers’ preparation, please make sure you can attend before you sign up

Quota: 30 per session (Each participant may only register for one session)
Fee: Free donation (to be used for StoryTaler’s operational expenses)
*Participants completing the workshop may purchase the book at a discount on Enrich Culture
Registration deadline: 18 Mar 23:59

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