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【StoryTaler】Let’s learn the art of company and listening: Author sharing session

When keeping others company, ever wonder what to say or do to console them? The first step in companionship is actually “listening” – listening to yourself, and listening to each other. How do we learn to be listeners to one another?

Let’s learn the art of company and listening: 《成為彼此的聆聽者》book sharing session
The authors are here to share their experience with listening and being there for people in their lives!
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StoryTaler at a glimpse

Founding year: 2015, becoming a social enterprise in 2019
Founding team: Prof Winnie Mak (Department of Psychology) and clinical psychologist Amanda Li
Mission: To promote mental health via in-person sharing of real-life stories, enhancing public knowledge of the topic while eliminating stigma, labelling and misunderstanding
Members: Include individuals with lived experience of mental illness, those trained in (clinical) psychology and those with a concern for mental health

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