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【YSBC@CUHK】S.I. Leaders Sharing: From “Doing” to “Making” – Why should Everyone Start a Business?

This month at YSBC@CUHK‘s S.I. Leaders Sharing, Ms Zhang Jie-ping, veteran media personnel, will share on “From ‘Doing’ to ‘Making’ – Why should Everyone Start a Business?”. Come and learn how this “S.I. Leader” has been inspired by the evolution of media and communication to becoming an entrepreneur, after her 14-year engagement as a journalist.

Zhang Jie-ping is a media entrepreneur, a reporter and a wanderer travelling around Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. She is the founder of Matters, a decentralised writing platform, and visiting scholar of the International Visitor Leadership Programme of the US Department of State. Zhang possesses 14-year experience in the media industry, and she is one of the founders of The Initium and “iSun Affairs Magazine”. She was awarded Journalist of the Year by The Society of Publishers in Asia in 2010.

Enquiries: YSBC@CUHK

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