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Director's Message

Prof Benny Zee
Director, Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, CUHK

Social innovation is one of the pillars of our entrepreneurial and innovative endeavours. Upholding our mission to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the University and society, ORKTS strives to empower social-minded CUHK members in applying their expertise to tackle social issues together. Come take advantage of the SoCUBE platform, its programmes and events – get to know CUHK’s social innovation projects and even collaborate with our teams. We look forward to your participation!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
We empower scholars to innovate for social good.

SoCUBE incubates cross-disciplinary ideas from academia to drive concrete actions for the benefit of the wider community.

Our Vision
We envision CUHK as a leading force in advocating academia-led social innovation in Hong Kong and co-creating a better society. While SoCUBE focuses on facilitating researchers’ ventures, our partners in CUHK contribute to student-aimed programmes that complete our innovation ecosystem.

One day, we see all members of society wield their expertise and experiences in contributing to sustainable societal advancement. We aspire to the academia taking the lead with innovative solutions that could spark the next big idea for the greater good.

Milestones of SI Development in CUHK

Launch of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC)

Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) is a social venture startup competition that aims to accelerate the growth of social enterprise startups led by young people. Through a full-blown programme of three stages: education, competition and incubation, the challengers’ ideas and skills are sharpened by professional advice in each competition stage.
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Launch of Knowledge Transfer Project Fund

As distinguished from conventional technology transfer endeavours with a heavy focus on patents and commercialisation, KPF is set up to kick-start community-based efforts from all academic disciplines. CUHK researchers are invited to test the waters with their social innovations – be it a revamped service model, a programme developed based on latest research, or a tangible product that serves the common good – before they are scaled up for amplified impact.

Establishment of I·CARE Programme

Launched in 2011, the I·CARE Programme has been committed to offering informal whole-person education to students based on the I·CARE Framework. In line with its motto “Aspiration through Reflection; Renewal through Civility”, the I·CARE Programme aims to inspire students to actively partake in social and civic services. It also facilitates the release of students’ holistic competencies so that they will become able to enhance the wellness of people in the local, regional and global communities.

Establishment of Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services

With the goal of facilitating the integration between knowledge creation and knowledge transfer, ORKTS was formed following the merger of the former Research Administration Office and the Knowledge Transfer Office. This central unit supports CUHK researchers via identifying research funding sources and collaboration opportunities, facilitating development and licensing of intellectual property, processing project contracts, as well as nurturing innovative and entrepreneurial undertakings.
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Launch of Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund

To further sustainability of social innovation endeavours, S-KPF is established as one of the ways out, or rather, up. The funding scheme empowers CUHK researchers to mature their projects into social enterprises that deliver enduring impact.

Establishment of partnership with The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

CUHK is the first university to partner with the SIE Fund systematically in driving social innovation from academia. The Fund rides on the KPF scheme in enabling applied research projects that answer the objectives of poverty relief, social inclusion and well-being promotion.
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Establishment of I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development

Established in October 2016, the I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development mainly plans and implements the I·CARE Programme. It also renders support to other services which aim to facilitate students’ all-round development.
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Establishment of Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK

Permission from Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank, was obtained to name the Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK after him. It aims to encourage real action from the youth of Hong Kong in social business through training activities and incubation programmes. The Centre also facilitates poverty alleviation through research such as developing the “Toolkit for Social Impact Assessment”.
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Establishment of Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

EPIN perfected the CUHK ecosystem as the “formal” education platform where students are challenged to create and break new grounds. An interdisciplinary programme open to all undergraduates, EPIN nurtures not only skills to actualise new ventures, but also the necessary attitudes – perseverance and a sense of social responsibility. The curriculum mimics the stages of ideation, realisation and commercialisation.
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Launch of SoCUBE!

Happy birthday to SoCUBE – join us in celebrating CUHK’s social innovation efforts as we continue growing our footprint to reach all sectors of society.


Prof Benny Zee
Dr Elsie Tsui
Head of Social Innovation
Ms Dorothy Hui
Assistant Social Innovation Manager
Ms Rain Luk
Social Innovation Officer


University Grants Committee (UGC)
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The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund)
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