Social enterprise
Stories 【Cubic Zine Issue 25】From Sports Science to Social Entrepreneurship : Raymond Sum Advocates Positive Life with Physical Literacy
In the Netflix super-hot Korean reality show "Physical: 100 People", 100 contestants with muscular men and women, competed in various physical challenges, which sparked global interest. Their spirit of dedication to the end is convincing. At CUHK, there is a "muscle exercise professor" who not only adheres to the mission of fitness and teaching, but also develops a social enterprise with missions. From a professor to a social enterprise CEO, he fully demonstrates that a sportsman is not only "powerful", but also "brainy". He is our cover character, professor Raymond Sum, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Associate Professor of Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, CUHK. This issue: #SportScience #Gym #PhysicalFitnessTest #AdolescentHealth #Training #Physical Literacy
Stories 【Cubic Zine Issue 24】Bridging Business World and Social Enterprise Simon Ngai Dives into the Blue Ocean to Bring Life Changing Services for Grassroots
Daylight dwindles as the year comes to a close. Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity. Simon Ngai, alumnus of Chung Chi College of CUHK, is a businessman who sees and seizes business opportunities and chairperson of GloryReturn. He shares in this issue how businesspersons may help to steer change in the society and enrich lives with social enterprises, and how to draw life to a perfect close by funeral service with a social goal. In this issue: #FSES #SocialEnterprise #ChristianFuneralService #ServiceForTheGrassroot #Life&DeathEducation #BusinessSocialCollaboration
Stories 【Cubic Zine Issue 23】“Stay Motivated!”Pioneer of medicinal herb DNA authentication Pang Chui Shaw shares insights in teaching, research and entrepreneurship
It’s hard to distinguish a shamrock from a clover. Consumers often have the same trouble telling good herbal products from bad ones. According to Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor), an ancient doctrinal Chinese medical group of texts, Chinese medicinal formulas can be categorised into soup, powder, pill, ointment and elixir. In view of the vast array of herbal products in the market today, how can we tell which is authentic? What does blockchain have to do with Chinese medicinal materials? In this Cubic Zine issue, Prof Shaw Pang Chui of the School of Life Sciences, who pioneered the use of molecular authentication of herbal products in 1990s, shares with us how he traces DNA of herbal materials even in boiling soup. Let’s hear his story. In this issue: #TMC #DNAauthentication #Blockchain #traceability #HKGenuineProducts #JoyNTearOfEducation
Stories “Cultural differences stand for fun!” Innovation 101 with social entrepreneurship pundit Dr Elsie Tsui
With copious experiences diagnosing enterprises at her past jobs, Elsie is well-versed with many brand stories, especially those in her beloved fashion industry. Intriguingly, what got her talking today turn out to be two other buzzwords with which she has become fascinated for over the past ten years – innovation and social impact.
Funded Projects One Month One Art Limited
Find the arts unfathomable? One Month One Art is here to offer a fresh perspective into art performances via a guided experience. Who knows – you could be the next regular!
Funded Projects Wellness Travellers Psychological Services Co. Ltd.
Mental health is for everyone. Wellness Travellers provide evidence-based and cost-effective psychological interventions, for everyone.
Funded Projects Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited
A challenging issue calls for a novel solution! STAR serves children with ASDs and their parents through personalised programmes based on social robots, who are determined to help these kids better communicate.
Stories Stamping out prejudice with linguistic research: Prof Gladys Tang’s sign bilingual academy
"Oftentimes in life, simply making a choice is not as straightforward as it seems." Referring to the indecision plaguing the eponymous hero of her favourite play, Hamlet, she likens his struggles to the confusion met by many deaf individuals including their parents. To communicate or not to communicate with sign language, that is the question.
Stories “I found the essence of studying in psychology”: Prof Catherine So founds social enterprise for children with autism
Born and bred in Hong Kong, Catherine - incumbent Associate Professor of the Department of Educational Psychology at CUHK - first stumbled upon the subject of psychology in secondary school, and she was outright enchanted.
Stories From “War on Rape” to “Farm to Table”: Prof Fanny Cheung’s 40 years of driving social change
Prof Fanny Cheung barely took her seat when she started “protesting”; apparently too many interviewers were fixated merely on her early community work in women’s development. A trace of a smile on her lips, the petite professor slowly unravelled to us tales of her “extra-curricular activities”.