Health care
Funded Projects Evidence-based Knowledge Transfer Program — Promoting HPV Vaccination among Men in Hong Kong Who Have Sex with Men
The evidence-based service comes with the test kit, real-time instructions and counselling. And for NGOs – worry not, the service model is self-sustainable.
Funded Projects Speech Therapy Services for Children with Motor Speech Disorders
Speech sound disorders are a severe setback to children's communication and development. The team's tools enable accurate diagnosis for Cantonese-speaking kids, thus appropriate treatment.
Funded Projects Oral Exercise Training Software for the Elderly in Hong Kong
Exercising our mouth is just as important as training our quads, so our speech and swallowing functions are well-maintained. The team's app guides and reminds the elderly to do oral exercises regularly.
Funded Projects Innovative Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program with ARIA
The eye is the window to the soul, and in fact, to sickness as well. The team's technology assesses your risks of stroke and dementia within minutes.
Funded Projects Promote Psychological and Behavioural Well-beings of Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Implementing a TCM Paediatric Massage Program
Autistic children struggle with social interactions and learning. The team adopts a novel approach of massage therapy to improve their conditions.