Be Inspiring
Mushroom Impossible
Firmly believing in much good can be done by mushrooms to the world, the ten-odd Mushroom-X members from the School of Life Sciences have been tireless in developing high-quality edible mushrooms and biomaterials, and sowing the seed of sustainable living in the community.
4 April 2019
Prefabrication is not only suitable for construction in urban centres but also in remote rural areas. In 2015, Professor Zhu, using prefabrication, set up the first Checkered Playroom in a remote village in Gansu Province.
19 January 2018
The Bearable Lightness of Being: Rethinking End-of-life Care in Hong Kong
87.6% of the interviewees indicated that they would prefer palliative care to life-sustaining treatment such as using nasogastric tubes, if they were diagnosed to be terminally ill; 86.2% agreed that the patients' own wishes should determine what treatment they receive.
19 November 2017
Post-consumerist Sharing
He defines sharing economy as lending the unused resources or skills to others, enabled by the ubiquitous online sharing platforms.
19 September 2017
Raising Sign Bilingual Children
Prof. Gladys Tang of CUHK’s Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages rolled out the Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment in Deaf Education Programme (SLCO Programme), that such myth began to fall apart.
19 November 2016
If Music be the Key to the Heart
Disappearing into a wide block of traditional Chinese tenements at the end of Shanghai Street, Prof. Agnes Chan, a CUHK clinical psychologist, ascends the steep and narrow steps that lead up to her newly opened Music Neuropsychology Training Centre.
19 October 2016
Architect for the Poor
‘I was thrilled to realize that social service can be interwoven into architecture!’
6 September 2016
Ageing is their problem, not mine. Really?
You can compare life to a mountain. After you’re born, you move uphill. When you’re around 30 years of age, you reach the peak. After that, you head downhill. Your brain function declines and your physical strength deteriorates.
19 October 2015