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Initiated by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund and co-organised by ORKTS and I‧CARE, CUHK Entrepreneur Day is an annual two-day event aimed at spreading entrepreneurial spirit and sharing innovative ideas among CUHK professors, students, alumni and public members.
SoCUBE empowers scholars to innovate for social progress. We incubate cross-disciplinary ideas from academia to generate multi-dimensional impact in society. While SoCUBE focuses on facilitating researchers’ ventures, our partners in CUHK contribute to programmes that complete our social innovation ecosystem...
The workshop marks the start of our endeavours to promote the significance of social impact among academic staff, as well as awareness of impact as a common language in communicating with potential partners and funders.
Disappearing into a wide block of traditional Chinese tenements at the end of Shanghai Street, Prof. Agnes Chan, a CUHK clinical psychologist, ascends the steep and narrow steps that lead up to her newly opened Music Neuropsychology Training Centre.