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What is S-KPF?

S-KPF is a structured programme with seed funding and incubation services for CUHK academics to transform social innovation ideas into social enterprises, which are eventually supported by self-generated income, external investors and other funding sources. From nurturing ideas to developing a business canvas, competitive analysis and go-to-market strategy, we accompany teams in embracing challenges and opportunities in the early start-up stage, helping create values and social impact for a sustainable society.

Funding Amount

Up to HK$600,000 for 2 years


  • Business development consultancy
  • Publicity and media engagement support
  • Partnership liaison

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  • Project Leader must be full-time CUHK staff on professoriate or research academic ranks. Other teaching staff will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • All CUHK staff, students and non-CUHK members may join as team members.

Assessment Criteria

Social impact and value of the proposed project
Track record of the Project Leader and expertise of team members
Quality of business plan (e.g. innovation, business model, operation and marketing)
Potential to attract funding and create leverage with private foundations or government

How to Apply?

  • Study proposal guidelines
  • Complete your proposal with our template
  • Send BOTH hard and soft copies to ORKTS

**Due to the suspension of the mail room service, applicants for 2020-21 please submit the application to ORKTS office.
Address: Room 301, 3/F, Pi Ch’iu Building
Office hour: 9am to 4:45pm, Monday to Friday

Important Dates

OCT 2020
Call for proposals
17 NOV 2020
Information Session
16 DEC 2020
Submission deadline
Late JAN 2021
MAR 2021
Results announcement
1 APR 2021
Project commencement


What kind of projects will be funded by S-KPF?

S-KPF accepts all applications which align with funding objectives such as poverty alleviation, social inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals under the United Nations.

What is the amount of the fund and supporting period?

An S-KPF project may receive a maximum of $600,000 for up to two years, capped at $400,000 for the first year. Funding for the second year is subjected to performance of the project team in the first year and competition with other S-KPF applications. Unspent funding from the first year can be carried forward, upon successful application and approval in its second year.

Who are the targeted applicants of S-KPF?

Any eligible staff with a social entrepreneurial mindset who attempts to tackle social problems with his or her expertise through creative and sustainable business solutions.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise can be defined as any business that targets a specific social mission. “Double Bottom Line” is often used to describe the unique nature of social enterprise which seeks balance between purpose and profit. Unlike ordinary social services, a social enterprise has a clear business model and needs to be self-sustainable. Yet, unlike an ordinary business entity, a social enterprise is driven by its social mission and strives to make impact in the society.