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Bridging Business World and Social Enterprise Simon Ngai Dives into the Blue Ocean to Bring Life Changing Services for Grassroots

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Daylight dwindles as the year comes to a close. Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity.

Simon Ngai, alumnus of Chung Chi College of CUHK, is a businessman who sees and seizes business opportunities and chairperson of GloryReturn. He shares in this issue how businesspersons may help to steer change in the society and enrich lives with social enterprises, and how to draw life to a perfect close by funeral service with a social goal.

In this issue: #FSES #SocialEnterprise #ChristianFuneralService #ServiceForTheGrassroot #Life&DeathEducation #BusinessSocialCollaboration

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Bridging Business World and Social Enterprise Simon Ngai Dives into the Blue Ocean to Bring Life Changing Services for Grassroots

Mr. Ngai Man Fu, Simon | Director of CUHK Alumni Charity Foundation

There is a time for everything; a time to build and time to scatter. Why are we here and what do we live for?

Simon condenses 64 years of life experiences for us in a 90-minute interview. When others see bleakness, he sees the humanity and undiscovered opportunities in Hong Kong. He is empathetic to the needs of the grassroots and spares no effort in the development of social enterprise in Hong Kong by unwavering belief, seamless teamwork and compassion.

Funeral service is often seen as a taboo. Simon and his team explicates the work in funeral service and most of all, matters of life and death in it. It’s never easy to bid goodbye. What do we gain from our toil? There is nothing better for us than to be happy and to do good while we live.

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Black Magic in AI Illustration

A team of MIT students Spellbrush and the Midjourney team joined hands to launch Nijijourney, hailed as the most powerful two-dimensional AI drawing tool the world has ever seen. The AI robot can generate images from its database by algorithms in a few minutes as users enter key words on the Discord platform. It creates a hysteria among netizens to “draw”.

The frenzy has also brought investment impact. According to a research report by Guotai Junan Securities, the penetration rate of AI painting in image content generation may reach 10%-30% in the market, bringing more companies and capital into this emerging market with a market size of more than RMB 60 billion.

“AI has made plagiarism much easier.” “The AI paintings resemble those of my teachers.” “How to protect intellectual property?” Despite technological advancement, AI has aroused concern in the industry. Some artists and illustrators expressed that they have lost the motivation to create, and call on attention to originality.


Book Sharing

The professor speaks out his own words and deciphers the scholar’s work for you. Hurry up and seize the opportunity to sign on the spot!

Three of the interviewees of “Scholars Engaging in Social Innovation” include Dr. Apple Chui, who focuses on local coral restoration; Professor Maria Tam, who is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural education in Hong Kong and Dr. Tong from Popular Science Education will share their life experience and growth, their original intention and philosophy of entering the community, and the setbacks they encountered. It is hoped that the stories of the three can encourage more people to understand and participate in different community activities and promote community integration.

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