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29 March 2022
【Cubic Zine Issue 20】From Speech Recognition Scholar to Cantonese and Communication Specialist: Tan Lee navigates across research disciplines
The fifth wave of Covid-19 in Hong Kong has put most of us in stay-home mode for months. Instead of wishing for full resumption of working in office in person, the need for creating immersive virtual workspace for staff is in demand. The cover story of this issue of Cubic Zine, Prof Tan Lee, an expert in AI and speech technology, propounds that solutions brought by technologies needs to be balanced against its social benefits, and a key question – will there be any users?
29 December 2021
【Cubic Zine Issue 19】“What’s so special about corals in Hong Kong? They are simply tough!” — Apple Chui believes we will conserve only whenat we love
Happy new year! May all your dreams and goals manifest in 2022! This issue of Cubic Zine features the ebullient Dr Chui Pui Yi Apple, Research Assistant Professor of the School of Life Sciences and founder of Coral Academy. Her watchword for us? “Act Now.” It’s pertinent to both conservation and entrepreneurship — give it a try no matter how. In this issue: #FoodTechAccelerator #Breer #SocialEconomy #EuropeanCommission #CoralAcademy #Conservation
19 September 2021
【Cubic Zine Issue 18】Architecture X Gerontology — Co-create Happy Ageing Lab
This September sees the return of vigour and verve on CUHK campus. This issue of Cubic Zine brings you vivacious stories from architecture and health of the elderly, to trending technologies. At the same time, ORTKS has for you a series of exciting events and programmes, including the very first Innovation Day, and application openings of various startup funds!
15 June 2021
【Cubic Zine Issue 17】Escape prompts empathy: Felix Sze advocates mental well-being for the deaf
Here comes Issue 17 of Cubic Zine! We are excited to see the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship here at CUHK while InnoPort will soon celebrate its first anniversary. The teams inside InnoPort are busy promoting social entrepreneurship as well as tech transfer and the collaboration between the industry, academia and research sectors. Cubic Zine will bring you more diverse topics with stories in a nutshell for you to grasp innovation trends in a single email.
11 March 2021
【Cubic Zine Issue 16】Prof Anthony Fung shares vistas of Shek O and his years of “Over Flowers”
One of missions of ORTKS is to assist scholars to apply for research funding. As resources are limited, disappointment is unavoidable. Prof Anthony Fung shares his failure stories including the very first one soon after he was on board with CUHK. “I wish to launch that project so much that I set off without any funding.” The true story of many entrepreneurs.
11 January 2021
【Cubic Zine Issue 15】A monthly dose of art: Prof Winton Au advocates performing arts via social entrepreneurship
Happy Year of the Ox – 2020 has finally drawn to a close! To better equip yourself for 2021, have you got any plans yet? No clue? Well, have some uplifting stories from Cubic Zine! May these cases on innovation and entrepreneurship inspire you, including our protagonist of this issue – Prof Winton Au, and his encounter with performing arts.
16 November 2020
【Cubic Zine Issue 14】“Cultural differences stand for fun!” Innovation 101 with social entrepreneurship pundit Dr Elsie Tsui
Breaking news! A few staff teams under Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (including us editors) have already moved bases to the recently opened InnoPort. We simply can't wait for more interdisciplinary and interdepartmental events to take place here. While Cubic Zine is alive and well, we’ll “go lean” and bring you more diversified content on innovation and entrepreneurship!
9 October 2020
【Cubic Zine 1st Anniversary Issue】Prof Fiona Ho and students champion low-barrier psychological services
Happy anniversary to Cubic Zine! Echoing our first issue, we are focusing again on the hot topic mental health. Prof Fiona Ho and team set up social enterprise Wellness Travellers to advocate evidence-based lifestyle medicine, nurturing the “heart” via our “body” and raising the public’s resilience via proactive prevention. Their tips are certainly useful as we all struggle to cope with the new normal.
9 September 2020
【Cubic Zine Issue 12】Prof Benny Zee’s three-pronged strategy to a dare-to-innovate culture
“To get out of the box, turns out you need painstaking efforts within it.” When grappling with your many real-life challenges, Prof Andy Wong recommends the philosophy of the book Inside the Box – to start with the limitations of your surroundings, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike. As the virus continues to wreak havoc, this reminder should come by handy to all industries, including students industriously adapting to the new normal of learning.
5 August 2020
【Cubic Zine Issue 11】Building a city and the community from within: Prof Ng Mee Kam’s take on urban planning
Let’s talk about people and the community this month! As Prof Ng Mee Kam suggests, we may reframe or refocus, “auditing” our intangible community resources from a strength-based perspective. The uncovered skills, inspirations or potentials can naturally be utilised to tackle issues in the community. Such way of thinking sounds very applicable to our personal lives too – especially during crises.