Be Impactful
Funded Projects
Prof Kelvin Tsoi & Prof Adrian Wong
Enhance Frontline Social Workers and Caregivers’ Knowledge in Dementia Screening
The team combined data science and machine learning technology into a dementia screening tool - and they are promoting it to the elderly and social workers.
Prof Kelvin Tsoi & Prof Adrian Wong | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Benny Zee
Innovative Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program with ARIA
The eye is the window to the soul, and in fact, to sickness as well. The team's technology assesses your risks of stroke and dementia within minutes.
Prof Benny Zee | Faculty of Medicine
"Smart Health with Data Technology."
Prof Kelvin Tsoi
DeepHealth Limited
DeepHealth's mission is loud and clear – technology for smarter healthcare. Its products gather and analyse health data from our daily lives to encourage active lifestyle improvements.
Prof Kelvin Tsoi | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Kwan Hoi Shan
Mushroom-X Limited
"Mushrooms can save the world" is more than a slogan – a low-carbon-footprint and nutritious food source, AND a fire-resistant biomaterial, who can underestimate the potential of one tiny mushroom?
Prof Kwan Hoi Shan | Faculty of Science
Prof Agnes Chan
Pro-Talent Association Limited
From neuroscience to self-enhancement, Pro-talent strives to bring out the best in SEN children with assessments, training and consultation.
Prof Agnes Chan | Faculty of Social Science