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Prof Michael Tong & Prof Kathy Lee
Speech Therapy Services for Children with Motor Speech Disorders
Speech sound disorders are a severe setback to children's communication and development. The team's tools enable accurate diagnosis for Cantonese-speaking kids, thus appropriate treatment.
Prof Michael Tong & Prof Kathy Lee | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Kathy Lee & Prof Michael Tong
Oral Exercise Training Software for the Elderly in Hong Kong
Exercising our mouth is just as important as training our quads, so our speech and swallowing functions are well-maintained. The team's app guides and reminds the elderly to do oral exercises regularly.
Prof Kathy Lee & Prof Michael Tong | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Kelvin Tsoi & Prof Adrian Wong
Enhance Frontline Social Workers and Caregivers’ Knowledge in Dementia Screening
The team combined data science and machine learning technology into a dementia screening tool - and they are promoting it to the elderly and social workers.
Prof Kelvin Tsoi & Prof Adrian Wong | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Benny Zee
Innovative Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program with ARIA
The eye is the window to the soul, and in fact, to sickness as well. The team's technology assesses your risks of stroke and dementia within minutes.
Prof Benny Zee | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Fiona Ho
Improving Access to Psychological Interventions: Developing and Disseminating an E-Mental Health Portal in Hong Kong
The importance of mental health is getting more and more attention among the general public; while many recognise their emotional problems, only a disproportionate fraction actually receives professional help.
Prof Fiona Ho | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Raees Begum Baig & Prof Susanne Choi
Train the Trainers: Minority girls and Gender Justice
Gender equality seems not as big an issue in Hong Kong, but not so for the Muslim community. The team is empowering Muslim girls to speak about gender issues and women’s rights in a safe space.
Prof Raees Begum Baig & Prof Susanne Choi | Faculty of Social Science
“Children with autism have deficits in their physical and psychological well-being. The team adopts a novel approach of massage therapy to improve their conditions.”
Prof Catherine So & Mr Jianguo Zhang
Promote Psychological and Behavioural Well-beings of Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Implementing a TCM Paediatric Massage Program
Autistic children struggle with social interactions and learning. The team adopts a novel approach of massage therapy to improve their conditions.
Prof Catherine So & Mr Jianguo Zhang | Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medicine
“User participation may not be a panacea for all service problems; but it is a window to the emotional and sensory experiences in service use that inspire innovative solutions."
Professor Terry Leung
Institute for User Participation (IUP)
Service designers often struggle with engaging their end-users. IUP is here to ensure these stakeholders get their voices heard.
Professor Terry Leung | Faculty of Social Science
Prof Winnie Mak
StoryTaler Hong Kong Co Limited
We are given two ears but only one mouth for a reason. Listening is a forgotten art that underpins healthy communication and relationships. StoryTaler wants to tell a story about mental health, anyone cares to listen?
Prof Winnie Mak | Faculty of Social Science
"Smart Health with Data Technology."
Prof Kelvin Tsoi
DeepHealth Limited
DeepHealth's mission is loud and clear – technology for smarter healthcare. Its products gather and analyse health data from our daily lives to encourage active lifestyle improvements.
Prof Kelvin Tsoi | Faculty of Medicine