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Prof Iris Ng & Dr Kammy Yeung
Early Identification of Hearing Loss in Ageing Community through Hearing Screening App
Hearing impairment poses a considerable communication barrier as we age. Take action and get your hearing status checked early on with the team’s validated app.
Prof Iris Ng & Dr Kammy Yeung | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Roger Chung
A Concept Musical Drama on End-of-life Care and Death Attitudes in Hong Kong
Let's talk about our inevitable end – that sounded awkward. What about discussing the topic of life and death over a musical drama?
Prof Roger Chung | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Ronald Wong & Prof Louis Cheung
Prevention of Imminent Fragility Fractures: A Call to Action in Hong Kong
The team is running a clinic dedicated to saving patients from breaking their bones a second time, which is highly probable and extremely costly in consequence.
Prof Ronald Wong & Prof Louis Cheung | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Michael Ong & Prof Patrick Yung
Happy Muscle Happy Knees
Knee pain is too widespread an issue to ignore. The team is delivering an exercise programme which is easy to perform, simple to remember and suitable for all ages.
Prof Michael Ong & Prof Patrick Yung | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Johnson Wang, Prof Joseph Lau & Prof Phoenix Mo
Implementing a Chargeable Full Cost-Recovery HIV Self-Testing Service Model in Hong Kong for Men Who Have Sex with Men
While promotion of HPV vaccination is heavily geared towards women, men are likewise susceptible to the virus. The team motivates MSM to take up the vaccine with in-person engagement.
Prof Johnson Wang, Prof Joseph Lau & Prof Phoenix Mo | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Wong Tien Tsin
AI Based Colour Blindness Correction App
Widely adaptable on glasses and digital displays, the team's invention promises a chance for people with colour blindness to see a colourful world.
Prof Wong Tien Tsin | Faculty of Engineering
"VR simulations have empowered eye care professionals to better understand from patients’ perspective how visual impairment imparts disability in their daily lives."
Prof Christopher Leung
Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation of Real‐World Activities to Identify Glaucoma Patients with Visual Disability for Visual Rehabilitation and Patient Education
The age of VR eye check has dawned. Proven to provide a more comprehensive evaluation than clinical tests, the team's technology is being offered to glaucoma patients for screening and monitoring.
Prof Christopher Leung | Faculty of Medicine
Prof Fiona Ho
Smartphone-based Culturally Adapted Lifestyle Medicine for Improving Mental Health
Lifestyle changes could mean a significant improvement to our mental health. The team is developing a self-help app with tips and elements of Chinese Medicine.
Prof Fiona Ho | Faculty of Social Science
Dr Alvin Leung, Dr Tong Shiu Sing & Dr Leung Po Kin
STEM Education in Physics for Secondary Schools
STEM goes beyond software programming and assembling robots. With a carefully designed programme, the team makes basic scientific principles fun and down-to-earth.
Dr Alvin Leung, Dr Tong Shiu Sing & Dr Leung Po Kin | Faculty of Science
Prof Gladys Tang
Born to See: Living the Life of a Deaf Person
Instead of "hearing loss", why not call it "deaf gain"? Come explore how can we all learn from deaf individuals and sign language via the team's CSR programme.
Prof Gladys Tang | Faculty of Arts